(Hu El Hatal (Blk) x Hu Egyptian Lace (Blk)
Black 2015 Colt

Pharo is a big, pretty STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN black colt with powerful motion and great tail-carriage. He is both an Imaann & Saud El Ameer grandson, and a great grandson to the both the legendary stallions: Shaikh Al Badi and *Khofo. He should do well in halter, and later as a Country English/Endurance prospect. Expected to mature 15-15.1H.


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(Hu-Mozhar (Blk) x Hu-Eldrada (Gr.))
Black 1990 Mare

Alisha is a lovely black mare. She has always been very gentle to work with, and an excellent mother. One of the last daughters of our Crabbet bred stallion Hu-Mozhar. She is broke to ride for the trails, and has been ridden by a youth rider. Small scar under hind tail area.

$2,500 open
$6,000 bred

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(Hu Shameer (Blk) x Hu Jasmin Nlace (Blk)
Black 2014 Filly

2014 Filly. Justeena is an extremely nice STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN "homozygous" black filly. This pretty filly should do well in halter, and make a great future western pleasure performer, and outstanding broodmare. Her pedigree is a wonderful blend of: Saud El Ameer, Imaann, *Khofo & Ruala Kaleef. Expected to mature 14.3-15H.


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#658671 (Hu-Moshal (Blk) x Hu-Ranayla (Chest))
Black 2012 Filly

This is a lovely black filly with striking white markings to set her off. Her powerful motion and elegance would make her a great prospect for hunter hack/dressage., and also in the sport horse division. Moshalla has a great disposition, with wonderful conformation, and excellent motion & tail-carriage. She is a tall filly, and is expected to mature 15.1H


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#662738 (Hu Shameer (Blk) x Hu-Kalila Raffon (Blk))
Black 2013 Filly

Ameera is a beautiful "homozygous" black filly that should do well as a halter competitor and as a future western pleasure/cutting performer. Ameera has a gorgeous small head: with a deep dish, wide forehead, and lovely large eyes. She has a nice arched neck, wonderful smooth full-body, with good legs and tail carriage. Ameera has a sweet disposition and responds great to a gentle touch. Expected to mature 14.3-15H.


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(Ruala Kaleef (Blk) x Hu Mon Kari (Chest))
Black 2015 Colt

This lovely STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN black colt should mature into a wonderful future breeding stallion and western pleasure performer. He has big beautiful eyes, small tipped ears, with a nice arched neck. Khaleed, also has a nice short back, great strong hip, with excellent legs & tail-carriage. He has a nice disposition and responds to a gentle hand, and what a great pedigree he has to go with him. Expected to mature 14.3H


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(Imaann (Blk) x Hu-Jewels Of Tunisia (pinto))

Bay 2013 Gelding

Mj is an awesome Half-Arabian, with a pretty face having big beautiful eyes and nice shaped ears. He has a lovely long arched-neck, and an incredible smooth body with a nice short back, and long strong-hip. Mj has nice straight legs and excellent tail-carriage to top off his lovely movement. He has a sweet disposition and beautiful motion to do well in halter, and later as a hunter-hack/dressage performer. Expected to mature 15.1-15.2H.


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#563968 (Ruala Kaleef (Blk) x Serenity Yasmin (Gr))
14.2 - 14.3H
Black 1999 Mare

She is truly an elegant STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN “homozygous” black mare of outstanding quality & bloodlines. It’s very difficult to find a *Khofo granddaughter this young, plus the bonus of her being so lovely and homozygous black! Jasmin is just beautiful herself, with a wonderful excellent mother. Bred to Hu El Hatal for 2016. A deposit can hold her until her 2015 filly is weaned.


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#470016 (Lail Shabah (Blk) x Hu Fancy Dancer (Blk)
Black 1991 Mare

. Shandra is a beautiful “homozygous” black mare. She has a lovely dished head, pretty wide-set eyes, great neck with nice full strong body; she also has good motion and excellent tail-carriage. Shandra has a super sweet disposition, and she is an easy breeder and excellent mother. Sorry, no video available at this time.

$2,000 open
$5,500 bred

#658416 (Hu Shameer x Hu Jasmin Nlace)
2012 Black Straight Egyptian Filly

Jasmeera is a very nice "homozygous" black STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN filly. She is friendly and enjoys attention; she should do very well as a future western pleasure performer with her lovely rolling canter. Jasmeera has a pretty head, nice neck set on a strong powerful body. She has good legs and movement, and a great pedigree too. Expected to mature 14.3-15H.


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#594928 (Ali Barba (Bay) x Cale Lady Sirhali (Cht)
Chestnut 2002 Mare

Johara is a big, pretty STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN black-producing mare. She has a pretty face with a long elegant neck; she has a nice topline with wonderful motion & tail-carriage. This mares pedigree is line-bred Ruminaja Ali & Alidaar, and she is also a granddaughter to AK Sirhalima. She is an easy breeder, and has produced three beautiful black foals for us. Johara has a scar on the inside of both front cannons which she received as a youngster, and she does crib.

$6,500 open
$10,000 bred

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#516404 (Ruala Kaleef  (Blk)  x  Sudana Khalis (Cht.))
Black 1995 Mare

Sukeefa is an outstanding STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN black mare, and currently infoal to our Straight Egyptian black stallion Hu Shameer for 2016. She is a past halter futurity winner, and Sukeefa has a lovely dished head with big beautiful eyes, ultra smooth topline & hip, with excellent tail-carriage, legs and motion. Well broke for the trails with a wonderful disposition; Sukeefa has no vices, breeding or health issues. A top producer of many outstanding foals for us, and soon due to produce another! Visit our web site to see all her wonderful offspring. Small scar on left eyelid.


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#516400 (Hu-Moshal (Blk) x Hu-Zestoffteraha (Blk))
Black 1995 Mare

This "homozygous" black mare has been a wonderful broodmare for us. She has one of the sweetest dispositions, she is an easy breeder and excellent mother. Zandra has a beautiful small-dished head and long elegant neck; she also has a long hip, good tail-carriage and straight legs. Zandra does have an old tendon injury to her LH cannon from years ago, that made her unable to be shown; Although she does very well pleasure riding on the trails. Her lovely fillies Hu-Rhazandra & Hu-Shakhara can be seen at our site.


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#456684 (Serhabbas (Blk.) x DR Wafin Tifla (Blk))
Black 1990 Stallion

Look no further, if you are searching for the rarest in preservation breeding and quality. Kaleef is one of the finest "homozygous" black STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN stallions in the United States! He has the looks, motion and disposition equal to his grand pedigree. Kaleef has a lovely head with big soft-eyes, well shaped neck, strong level top-line & croup, and fabulous straight legs, with great tail-carriage. Best of all, he produces all his traits to his offspring. Has been trained for hunter. We will retain breedings if purchased/standing in the U.S. or Canada. He is a rare treasure to have indeed, and we invite serious inquires.


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(Humon Rha Sheed (Blk) x Hu-Kazandra (Blk))
Black 2010 Filly

Rhazandra’s got: Motion, Beauty, Conformation & Disposition all in one awesome “homozygous” black Egyptian-related great pedigree! This lovely young mare has great possibilities as a future Country English performer/endurance; along with being a great broodmare. She is a real eye-catcher to say the least, and just loves to show herself off! Expected to mature 15H – 15.1H.

$14,500 open
$18,000 bred

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#516402 (Hu-Mozhar (Blk) x Hu-Vivian (Blk) 15.2H
Black 1995 Mare

She has been an outstanding broodmare along with being a great performer on the trails; Veronika, has a lovely small head with huge beautiful eyes. She has a nice, long-fine neck; a big mare, but still refined and elegant with great movement & tail-carriage. Veronika has a super sweet disposition, and is also a full-sister to our breeding stallion Hu-Ali Mozes. We believe she is “homozygous” black, but have not had her hair tested for it. Sorry, no video available at this time.

$7,500 open
$11,000 bred

#652758 (Hu Shameer (Blk) x Hu Farah Lace (Blk))
Black 2011 Filly

This is a gorgeous STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN black filly, of exceptional halter quality & bloodlines. Fameera has beautiful type, excellent: conformation, motion & tail-carriage, plus an in-your-pocket disposition. She should make a wonderful future Western Pleasure performer. Sired by Hu Shameer and out of the lovely Imaann daughter Hu Farah Lace, Fameera is most certainly destined to become a great broodmare and pass on her beauty & correctness. Small scar on RH cannon. Expected to mature 14.3H.


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#652756 (Hu Shameer (Blk) x Hu Imaana Angel (Blk))
Black 2011 Filly

Angel is a gorgeous black STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN filly with wonderful type & refinement. Her huge beautiful eyes are just mesmerizing! Angel has great conformation, motion & tail-carriage; plus a super sweet disposition. She should make a serious national halter contender, and a great future Hunter Pleasure performer. Although, with her quality and pedigree she will most respectably become known as an outstanding broodmare. This tall filly is expected to mature 15.1H.


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#563876 (Hu Shameer (Blk) x Hu Egyptian Lace (Blk))
Chestnut 2011 Filly

Shamarra is a beautiful STRAIGHT EGYTPIAN black-bred filly. She has a lovely head and a smooth full-body, with great motion and tail-carriage. This filly has a super friendly disposition and loves attention and being with people. Her pedigree is filled with greats: Hu Shameer, Imaann, *Khofo & double - Saud El Ameer. What a great producing mare she should be! Expected to mature 14.2- 14.3H.


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